Hampi – A Heritage City | Unique Vacation Experiences

Ever imagined how the Stone Age would be??? It seems so exciting when you hear about history, historical stories, and facts. So, here is one place that we can recommend to you to experience the great Stone Age era. To deep dive into historic chapters of Ramayana and witness the history and culture of India. Yes… I am talking about ‘Hampi’, a small ancient village in Karnataka in South India which is been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is one of the picture-perfect places for unique vacation experiences.

Unique Vacation Experiences

Hampi is a beautiful place where you can find the ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire. One will get to see magnificent art forms while traveling to Hampi. It offers you the history of ancient times through temples, monolithic sculptures, and monuments. As you enter Hampi, you would see small hills covered with stone ruins, appearing beautiful in all ways, banana plantations, coconut trees, and rock structures everywhere. 

A Little History: Unique Vacation Experiences

Hampi is situated on the banks of the Tungbhadra river and is divided into two parts. The first part has attractions like the Virupaksha Temple, Vitthala temple, Matanga Hills, Achyutaraya temple, Sri Krishna temple, Underground Shiva Temple, Stone Chariot, Elephants Stable, Hampi Bazar Street, Coracle Ride, Hazara Rama Temple, Lotus Mahal, Lakshmi Narasimha temple, Hemkuta Hill temple. And the other part which is towards the other side of the river has the famous Anjani Mata Mandir where lord Hanuman was born. And the beauty of Hampi is that in every temple you will see beautiful architecture on the walls which are very ancient and depict the stories of our past. Also, you find ravishing architecture made up of stones.

Things to do when visiting Hampi: Best travel destinations

If you are in Hampi, do not miss the Coracle ride in which you get to sit in a round basket and enjoy the water ride. 

Also, you must meet Lakshmi-an old elephant present in the Virupaksha temple for years, and seek its blessings.

Book an auto and you can cover all spots in 2 days.

Walk through the lanes of this small village and do some street shopping. You can buy antiques, perfumes, magnets, clothes, and many other such things.

Hampi has many small cafes and restaurants but the best one that I would suggest and you would know yourself by looking at the long queues and vibes is the “Mango Tree”. The place has an amazing ambiance and they serve delicious food. They also have stays to offer which you can book in advance.

Hampi is a very quiet, simple, and ancient place so might not find the network in those areas. The best time to visit Hampi is from October to March. It is a place you can cover easily in two days. You can plan a road trip too if you love riding as the highway connectivity is great. So, hurry up and plan your next vacation in Hampi and enjoy the real beauty.

Fun Facts about Hampi | Unique Vacation Experiences

For unique vacation experiences, you definitely need to explore these fun facts.

  • The image you see on your 100 rupees note or any Indian note can be seen in real in the Stone Chariot.
  • The history behind Matanga Hill is that Lord Ram came to meet Matanga at this place.
  • It is said that in front of Krishna Mandir there used to be a huge market for expensive things.
  • In the Hazara Rama temple, you will get to see the stories of Ramayan on the walls of the temple.
  • Anjana Temple is a hill that is considered the birthplace of lord Hanuman.


Concluding Thoughts

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so, if you are planning for adventure travel, do think about visiting Hampi, the heritage city. The rocky landscape and the dotted ancient temples make it a unique vacation spot. You can either go on a solo trip or with friends and family. You will surely get endless opportunities to collect priceless memories. Do visit Make my trip and Trip Advisor to check out the amazing trip packages.