Typical Dialogues of all Mothers that Every Kid can Relate: Mother’s Day Special

Storyteller, advice giver, shopping buddy, teacher, broken heart healer, psychologist, angel, doctor, problem solver, peacemaker, comedian, cheerleader, problem solver, chef, hand-holder, and more. There are infinite words to describe the world’s biggest support system ‘Mom’. No matter what she is a constant in life who never gets angry with you, never gets jealous of you, never ignores you, and who is always there to hear you. No matter what you achieve in life or what your age is, she will make you realize you still are a 10-year-old kid. We have jotted down some typical dialogues of all mothers that every kid can relate to. Enjoy reading this blog and let us know if you also have heard these typical dialogues or not.

Epic and Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

Whenever you ask something to your mother something like where is my phone charger or a particular thing, the answer comes ‘It’s kept there’. Now it’s you who have to decide whether ‘there’ means table, cupboard, bed, or antarctic ocean. 

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

When you don’t keep your plate in the sink after eating. The epic and sarcastic dialogue of all mothers, ‘It’s not a home, it’s a hotel and I am not your mother, I am your maid’. 

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

The epic trick of waking you up. Mothers teach us throughout our lives not to lie but they gleefully lie every day. She wakes you up at 6:00 am saying that it’s 11:00 am and the tone just seems real. It’s only when you get up from the bed in utter shock you realize that it is just 6:00 in the morning. And, in case it doesn’t work then be ready for the fan and AC to be switched off. 

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

‘You are not my mother, I am your mother.’ You must have heard this dialogue a hundred times in your life. Whenever you were trying to explain her something or giving her some advice, this dialogue always shoots up. 

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

Don’t ever try to argue on this topic. No matter what you are doing checking mails or anything important but if you are stuck on your phone in front of your mother for more than 20 minutes, be ready to hear her dialogue punch. 

Dialogue 5

This is one of the most dangerous weapons of all mothers. They can make you do everything with this single line. In fact, this line has the power to turn the atmosphere into the scariest one. 

Dialogue 6

It’s not just a single line but its a pandora of blackmailing. Just don’t accept one thing she says and you will be reminded of all the things and all the times you did not listen to her

Dialogue 7

You must have heard this epic dialogue a lot of times whenever you don’t take what your mom is saying seriously.  It’s direct emotional blackmailing and the big escape is saying, ‘we will see when the time comes’.

Dialogue 8

According to mom’s logic, there are only two things to be blamed if anything wrong happens in your life. One is your cell phone and the other one is your friends. Just give your friends a little extra time and importance, you will hear this dialogue. 

Typical Dialogues of all Mothers

Now, this epic dialogue is not only for the children but for the father too. When everybody in the house is busy in their own stuff like reading newspaper, watching television or scrolling cell phone, suddenly you will hear an angry voice, ‘Nobody even bothers about me’


Final Thoughts

The purest form of love that you can find on earth is in the eyes of a mother. No matter how old or mature you become, you will always need the constant support of your mother. All moms are adorable and unique in their own way but these punch lines and dialogues are common. No matter how much you deny but these typical dialogues of all mothers have been the sweetest part of our life.