6 Smart Home Automation Ideas for 2020

‘The best way to predict the future is to design it.’ Year by year the technologies and capabilities of smart home devices are growing and expanding. Switching off and on the light is no more required, with smart home automation you can do it conveniently by sitting anywhere. All this is possible because of the Internet of Things (IoT). It gives you the ability to control your home your way. IoT connects the home appliances with the internet and you can easily take care of your home while being away. Read the blog post to explore the best home automation ideas for 2020.

Best Smart Home Automation Ideas for a New Home

1. Setting the Right Temperature

Have you ever thought about some magic that as soon as you enter the house in the scorching heat or in the chilling cold, the temperature of the home is set accordingly? The idea of smart home automation is to optimize the heating and cooling of your home. The thermostat works to heat or cool your home to the desired temperature before you come home from anywhere outside. All you need is a connected thermostat and location triggers. 

How the Technique Works

You have to use a location sensor to automatically trigger the AC unit to alter the temperature of the home 10 to 15 minutes before reaching the room. The only challenge is for people who do not have a location sensor. But, no worries, you can have a ‘home’ mode set to override the location sensor.

2. Control Everything with Your Voice

Imagine how convenient life can become if you could control most of the things just with your voice. For instance, whether you want a morning playlist to start your day or play some party hits, Alexa or Siri will listen to all your commands. If you need to sleep a little extra, you can just command the Echo to close all the shades, lock the doors, and play some relaxing songs to help you take some extra beauty sleep. From turning on the hallway and kitchen lights to set the perfect ambience for a movie date, you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of smart home automation. 

3. Smart Security Systems

The expansion in IoT trends facilitates the growth and popularity in smart home security. Smart home automation has made home security easier. With the new advances, people can now secure their homes from any mishap, criminal behavior, theft, or any other mishap. Some of the reasons to have a smart home security system are home monitoring, burglary protection, and fire outbreak notifications.

How the Technique Works

You need to configure motion sensors and location-specific triggers to know when you are at home and when you are away. This information can later be used to alert in case of any mishap or break-in. 

4. Security Lights

Do you know a lot of innovation could be done with outdoor security lights? The sensitive floodlights not only protect your home from burglars but also increase the curb appeal of your home.  The purpose of security lights is to trigger if motion is detected outside or every time a door opens or closes whenever you enter the home or during the night. 

How the Technique Works

You can use geofencing or entry sensors to automatically turn on your exterior lights as soon as there is an intruder outside or when a homeowner wants to turn it on. You can place the entry sensors outside the door to trigger lights as soon as the door opens. On the other hand, geofencing can turn on exterior lights before you arrive home.


5. Video Doorbell for Protection and Convenience

One of the best smart home automation ideas is to add a video doorbell. Running to the door just as the doorbell rings can sometimes be annoying especially when it was not much important. A video doorbell can add to your convenience and comfort. From lying causally on your bed or working from your office, you can easily see who is standing at your doorsteps. All you need is good internet connectivity and you can view the front area of your home with a smartphone. Many doorbells are also equipped with audio functionality so you can easily have a conversation sitting on your couch with a person standing at the doorstep.

6. Idea of a Smart Kitchen

The kitchen is the favorite place at home, isn’t it? We spend most of the time making happy memories in the kitchen around the table. This is the reason why smart kitchen appliances are becoming more and more popular. The concept behind the smart kitchen is to start connecting kitchen appliances to the Internet of Things (IoT). For instance, a smart refrigerator to know what food is stored inside, an electrical stove that can preheat itself while you are heading towards the home. These sensors and additional interfaces can make your life more convenient and manageable.

Concluding Thoughts

IoT is a key component of smart home automation. From setting the home temperature to controlling lights, and video doorbells to home security systems, there are various smart home products that can make your life more convenient and comfortable. Smart home automation is a mainstream concept that is not only appealing to tech geeks and millionaires but also to middle-class families. Let us know in the comments what’s your say.