10 Signs You are Truly Confident and Optimistic Person

‘Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in one reason why it will work.’ Do you know optimism and confidence is the magnet of happiness? It is the cornerstone of success and joy. We all are confident and optimistic until the day when something negative happens. Believing in yourself is the biggest trait of a confident and optimistic person. Read the blog to discover 10 signs that you are truly confident and optimistic person. Do you Have any Traits? Check out!

Signs You are Truly Confident and Optimistic Person: Traits to Check

1. Wide and Bright Sunshine Smile

‘Smile is the best weapon to fight every problem and crush every fear.’

It is well said that there is always a reason to smile even when things are not going your way. A smile gives you the courage to not lose hope even at the time of challenges. A wide and bright smile makes you look relaxed, confident, and happy. Smile reduces tension, increases longevity, creates a beautiful impression, and builds strong relationships. Do you know when you smile even when there are no reasons to do so, you create and radiate positive radiations. And, if someone catches those radiations their life becomes better. So, remember by wearing a wide smile you are not only releasing your tension but also helping others indirectly. 


2. Limitless Positivity

‘The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.’

Now, it’s your choice what you want to think about. Whether you want to create a thought that brings anxiety and fear or create a thought that brings peace and joy in life. 

Whenever we start visualizing the positive things about a negative situation, we indirectly open to receive wonderful gifts from life. For example, maybe leaving a job is a signal that a wonderful opportunity is ready to come or a health crisis is a signal that you need to focus more on your lifestyle. You must have heard that the sun even shines when it is raining heavily and there is always a beautiful rainbow in the sky after the rain. Optimistic people always try to find positivity in everything. It enables them to see the opportunities and not the loopholes. 

3. Let the People Talk

‘The mark of maturity is the ability to ignore the offensive and negative things people say about you.’ 

Not all people in the world will be happy from your presence or with the things you do. Critics will always be there and now you have to choose who are the ones who are genuinely concerned for you. One of the signs you are truly confident and optimistic person is that you are not easily offended by what people say because you know your worth. Remember, whenever you will climb a step towards achieving anything in life, if 4 people will push you forward, there will be 10 standing to pull you down. Optimistic people think about why to spoil a beautiful smile and a lovely day by focusing on negative comments. 

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4. Body Posture Says it All

‘Good Posture and a positive attitude can let you get away with anything.’

You may not be aware but your body posture is enough to find out about your personality traits. Here are a few tricks for an open body posture:

  • Always maintain eye contact while having a conversation or listening to a person
  • Greet anyone you meet with a wide and genuine smile
  • Do not cross your arms while talking to someone or in between a discussion
  • Make use of hand gestures while conversing to a crowd
  • Sit straight to make the person feel you are listening attentively

5. Learning Has No Bars and Never Ends

‘Never stop learning because when we stop learning we stop growing.’ 

Investing in knowledge pays the best interest and therefore one should never stop learning.  One of the signs you are truly confident and optimistic person is you are never tired of knowledge and learning new things. Continuous learning not only builds confidence but also helps the person to understand things more critically. 

6. Failures are an Opportunity

‘Failure is the unseen opportunity to begin again more intelligently.’ An optimistic person knows the mistakes, challenges, errors, and failures are a part of life and they only make us better and strong. These people always look to the bright side of the situation. They know the foundation of great accomplishments are the mistakes, errors, and failures. Life is a series of tests and trials and in every failure there lies a lifetime lesson. The real failure is when you give up.

7. Comparison is the Thief of Peace and Joy

‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it instead it just blooms.’ 

Every minute you spend comparing your life with someone else life, you are completely wasting that minute. Comparison distorts the thoughts and poisons the heart. Remember, there is no way of measuring what is better and what is worse in human life. Maybe a person good at studies has no artistic skills, and maybe an average student has exhibits excellent artistic skills. 

8. A Grateful Heart

‘It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to notice the things you are grateful for, you lose the sight of things that are not present.’

One of the signs that you are truly confident and optimistic person is you are always thankful for the things that are in your life. Even waking up is also a blessing for optimistic people and they always find something good even when the time or situation is not in their favor. Gratitude brings happiness and helps you count the abundant blessings of life. It makes you stronger to face ordeals.

9. Belief Can Move Mountains

‘You are braver than you think, talented than you know, and capable of doing beyond your imagination.’

Confident and optimistic people know that the strongest factor for success is believing in yourself. They know about their capabilities and what they deserve. Optimistic people always strive to improve their capabilities. They do not doubt their abilities and trust their instincts when accomplishing a task. Optimistic people do not judge themself on the basis of other person ideals or beliefs. 

10. Celebrate the Victory of Others

‘People who can’t stand to see the success of others can never experience their own.’

A truly confident and optimistic person knows when you stand on the side and clap for other’s victory. Celebrating the success of someone just like yours makes you stronger and happier. It is a kind of motivation that keeps pushing them in a forward direction. 

Final Thoughts

Confidence and optimism can help you achieve anything in life, fight any battle, and cross any ocean. It helps a person to stay calm and composed even when the situation is not in favor. It’s a journey that starts with a single step and stays with you forever. Let us know in the comments if you have any of the above-mentioned traits. Feel free to share your thoughts and add to our number of traits.