A Story of Thankfulness: Power of Gratitude

‘Be thankful for what you have, you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough’- Oprah Winfrey. We as human beings have a problem, we are always asking for more and more. No matter how smooth our life is or what we have, our mind by default focuses on the things that are not going well. We are so engrossed in asking and fulfilling our ‘plans’ that we forget to cherish the abundance of life. This is the reason why most of us are not satisfied and happy with our life. Gratitude is the solution to all your problems. Being grateful, focusing on the good things happening in life, counting on the blessings will bring incredible changes in your life. Once you understand the power of gratitude, you will start appreciating the little joys of life. Remember, whenever something goes wrong, take a moment, and be thankful because many things in your life are going right. 

Power of Gratitude

Problem with the Mind

There is one problem with the mind that, no matter whatever good is happening in your life, our mind only focuses on only one thing that is not going right. For instance, if we have an argument with someone and the person says something very negative, our mind immediately starts repeating whatever was said. Instead of focussing on all the good things that a person did to us, we only feel hurt and bad about that one thing. The mind starts creating negative energy and we start making assumptions like this person has a problem with me or he/she is jealous of me or maybe there is some other reason. Now, what happens is we unknowingly send these negative vibrations to that person and the situation worsens. Instead of patching up, we distance ourselves. 

Gratitude: The Problem Solver

The only way to be happy and to keep your mind in control is to develop an attitude of gratitude. That feeling of thankfulness in your heart is the key to a happy and peaceful mind. We are so much engrossed in the negativities in life that we often forget to cherish the things we have in our life. We are always cribbing and crying, living a life of ‘If’ and ‘but’. People forget that the life they are living right now is a dream for many. They have a house to live, food to eat, family to guide, friends to talk, health to get up every day, and money to fulfill their needs. We often forget to say thank you to people who make a difference in our life every day. There are so many people around without whom we are just incomplete. It’s because of their support our day goes happily and comfortably. 

Remember, it is never too late to say a ‘Thank you’. It not only makes you feel happy from within but at the same time, it sends positive energies to another person also. 

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude: Power of Gratitude

Power of Gratitude

1. Start your day by Being Grateful:

Your day depends on the first thought that comes in your mind when you get up. So, why not start your day with a simple ‘Thank You.’ Everyone has problems but 99% of our lives are going perfectly fine. Just be thankful that you are alive, you are indeed lucky to start a perfect morning. There are many people who did not get a chance to see a refreshing morning. Be thankful for everything you have and count on the blessings. 

2. Be Grateful for a Healthy Body and Mind

The second thing for which you need to be thankful is a perfectly fit body and mind. Our body and mind help us to do so many things. There are many people who are suffering from different and unusual diseases, their body is not supporting them. But, we are so lucky to have a healthy body and mind. Be grateful and assure yourself with positive affirmations like ‘I am physically fit and mentally active’

3. Be Grateful to People Around You

Whoever we come in contact for the whole day, be thankful to them. They love you, care for you so appreciate them and send your positive vibrations to them. Do not disrespect your workplace. You should be grateful to your workplace because the money that comes from there is letting you fulfill all your wishes. Thank the people who you work with, appreciate them because they are supporting you constantly. Be grateful to all the people who are making your life easy every day. One we start thanking, we will start appreciating the person. We radiate our energy at high power. 

4. Be Grateful to People Who Criticize You

Our mind gets disturbed the most when people say something negative for us. But, it is essential to be grateful to them too. Because of these people in our life, we learn to be stable, we learn to forgive, we learn to let go, we learn to kill our ego. When someone is praising you, they are reflecting their personality and thoughts. Similarly, when someone criticizes you, they are reflecting their upbringing and thoughts. Keep your mind and body stable in both situations; appreciation and criticism. All you need to do is be grateful and treat both the situations equally. Just remember the person who is speaking about you is reflecting their own state of mind. 

A Simple Exercise for All: Power of Gratitude

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  • Before going to bed at night, take a dairy and pen down all the blessings of your life. 
  • Make pointers of everything you have, maybe house, clean drinking water, nice clothes, tasty food, and more one
  • While writing feel the thankfulness in your heart of every single thing
  • Think of all people who helped you, who were there for you always. Thank them mentally and pray for them. 
  • Do this daily for the next 30 days and you will be able to witness the changes yourself

Eliminate the word ‘I’ from Your Life: Power of Gratitude

According to Gaur Gopal Das, the most selfish one word is ‘I’. ‘It stands for expectations. We as human beings have a lot of expectations from people. We want everything as per our expectations, our likes, dislikes, preferences. And, when our people do not meet our expectations, we feel dejected and disappointed. We deny seeing the good things they have done for us. But, if we serve others and think as ‘we’, life would be so beautiful. Remember, when you pray for someone, your prayers are answered too. 

Final Thoughts

Gratitude is a choice, it is an attitude that you can develop by practicing. When we practice being grateful to situations and people, we begin to attract positivity in our life in our spheres including health, career, and relationships. Once you understand the power of gratitude, believe me, you will become the happiest and peaceful person on earth.