Power of Affirmations to Transform Your Life

‘Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she became a butterfly’- Barbara Haines Howett. Similarly, there are certain times in our life when we feel that everything is ending. We are so much surrounded by negativities that we fail to see the positive and good. This is the time when positive affirmations can transform your life. Let’s explore the power of affirmations and how it can transform your life.

An affirmation is anything that you say or write. Most of the time what we convey to our minds is thrash. Knowingly or unknowingly we keep reciting negative things due to which we feel stuck. Practicing positive affirmations i.e. speaking into positive patterns can transform our life. Repeating positive affirmations deeply affects the subconscious mind and trigger action to convert words into reality. 

List of Positive Affirmations to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis helps to boost self-esteem and confidence. It gives a feeling of deep contentment and peace. The most important thing you need to remember about affirmations in writing and reciting it in the present tense. When you start telling your mind that what you want is already happening, then half of your goals are already achieved. Another important thing is to feel the emotions while reciting these affirmations. You can write and recite positive affirmations at any time of the day, but it will be great if you begin and end your day with these affirmations. 

  • I am physically fit and mentally active
  • I am peaceful and satisfied
  • My mind is calm and full of positivity
  • I am happy and my thoughts are under control
  • I am open to endless wisdom and creativity
  • My body organs are working perfectly
  • I am limitless to conquer any challenges
  • I have the ability to do anything
  • Everything is perfectly fine in my life
  • I am strong and I love myself
  • I have no worries and I enjoy inner peace
  • Wonderful things happen in my life each day
  • I peacefully sleep every night
  • I am successful in whatever I do
  • My mind radiated positive energy
  • I am financially strong
  • I have a perfect job and I love my work
  • My strength is greater than any challenges that come in my way
  • I have the power to attract positivity and happiness in my life
  • I choose to be happy, calm, and relaxed

Power of Affirmations: Steps to Make it More Effective and Powerful

1. Prepare a List:

Write down all the things that you always thought are negative. Include the criticism that you have been holding onto or anything negative someone ever said to you. Make a note of everything and give it a title. It will be a great step to make a positive shift in your life. 

When you pen down this recurring belief, try to observe where you are holding that belief in the body. For instance, do you feel tightness in your stomach or heart? Now, ask yourself a question whatever you are holding back is it worth? If not, then what would be productive or worth. 

2. Write Down a Positive Affirmation

Based on your self-judgment, write down a positive affirmation. Find powerful words to beef up your sentence. For example, ‘I am physically fit and mentally active.’ After writing the affirmation, ask someone to cross-check your affirmations and take suggestions to make it stronger. 

3. Recite the Affirmation Loud

Recite the affirmation loud for atleast 5 minutes. Do it 3 to 4 times a day. Look yourself in the mirror and speak out positive statements to yourself. Try to reinforce the new belief and you can easily do it by writing down the positive thing. This can be called as the mindful strategy to strengthen the agenda of positive affirmation. 

4. Let the Affirmation Settle

While reciting let the affirmation settle in the body. Place your hand on the area you were feeling uncomfortable when you were writing your negative belief. Feel positive energy while you are writing or speaking the positive affirmation. As you reprogram your mind, your body starts moving to a positive state. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Power of Affirmations

What is the Right Time to Practice Self Affirmations?

There is no right time when it comes to practicing self-affirmations. You can recite positive affirmations at any time of the day/night. But, it is more effective when you repeat affirmations in every 3 hours for about 5 minutes. Maintain a journal and look into the mirror while reciting to make it more powerful. 

Can Affirmations Help to Deal with Anxiety and Depression?

Though it is not the clinical cure but the power of affirmations can indirectly help you to deal with anxiety and depression. Whatever you speak to yourself deeply affects your subconscious mind and changes the patterns of thinking. 

Can Affirmations Improve Sleep Patterns?

Have you ever thought what is the reason behind not sleeping? It is actually the constant conversation that is going your mind. When you practice affirmations, you feel a sense of calmness in your body. Combining affirmations with meditation can help to improve sleep patterns more effectively. 

How Long it Takes to See the Results of Affirmations?

It all depends on your faith, strength, power of words, the feeling with which you are repeating the words, and how small or big your goal is. 

Concluding Thoughts

Affirmations are a powerful tool to change your mood and manifest the changes you desire in life. Understanding the truth of positively speaking to yourself will transform your life for the better. Practicing positive affirmations will bring success and prosperity into your life. Let us know in the comments what is your say about this.