Interpreting the Symbolic Meaning of Colors: Holi Special

Holi marks the celebration of love and changing of the seasons. Amid a vibrant burst of colors in the sky, friends and family come together to celebrate love, happiness, and joy. Color has the power to directly influence the soul. Mesmerizing hues of red, yellow, green, violet, and blue spread across the sky carry the message of togetherness across hearts. But do you know each color has a symbolic meaning? Explore the blog to learn more about the symbolic meaning of colors.

Symbolic Meaning of Colors

Green: The color of new beginnings

‘Change can be scary, but do you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing’- Mandy Hale. Sometimes our life is completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged and we think everything is finished, but it is actually the beginning of something new.  

Green is the color of new beginnings. This vibrant color symbolizes the start of Spring. So, this Holi BEGIN AGAIN and believe in the magic of beginnings. Welcome the change in your life, be it in terms of health, love, peace, or prosperity. Make new promises and fill your life with hope. 

Red: The color of love and passion

This is one of the Holi colors that holds immense popularity because it is associated with emotions of love, passion, and opulence for our dear ones. This vibrant hue signifies excitement, energy, and most importantly auspiciousness. 

Pink: The color of care, kindness, and compassion

‘Wherever you are, be there with love. Be there with compassion, kindness, and gratitude. Smile and show you care’- Debasish Mridha. This vibrant hue symbolizes joy and warmth in life. It offers an unmatched level of sympathy and makes others feel accepted. This gentle and subtle hue has an unending charm. It inspires us to be cheery and joyous. So, this Holi let’s spread kindness, love, laugh, and compassion. Let’s show someone that we care for them, we are there no matter what they are going through.

Purple: The color of magic, wisdom, and spirituality

Purple is a combination of calm blue and fierce red. The mystery and magic of this color spark creative fantasies. The mystic color inspires people to expose their innermost thoughts. It provokes spiritual intuition and encourages the mind and soul to live in harmony. This dark hue represents transformation, strength, power, and royalty. So, why not take a step to transform your life be it in terms of eating healthy, choosing a good lifestyle, or starting a new venture. 

Yellow: The color of happiness and sunshine

This vibrant hue conveys fresh energy. It is a color of optimism that is associated with hope and positivity. It is color to remind yourself that no matter what you can always hope for the best in your life. Your smile and optimistic attitude can always bring a ray of sunshine into your life.

Orange: The color of forgiveness

This color symbolizes spreading light and love. This color reminds us of how strong you are and inspires you to leave the past behind and move forward. It symbolizes forgiveness and the art of letting go. It’s a happy, bright, uplifting color. When playing with this color, remember to leave your past behind and live in the present. 

Let’s wrap up!

Holi is a wonderful time to celebrate the colors of our beautiful relationships. It’s time to show your emotions with different colors. Understand the symbolic meaning of colors this Holi and spread joy, peace, and happiness. Express your love using vibrant colors and make this Holi memorable for you and your loved ones. Comment and let us know which one is your favorite Holi color.