Little Things in Life that will Make a Big Difference

We are always so busy accomplishing something big, that we often forget to notice the little things that give life its magic. But, this quarantine has taught us to appreciate the little things in life, the joys that actually make life beautiful and worth living. 

Who had thought that watching the Mythological shows like ‘Ramayan’ and Mahabharat’ on Doordarshan with the family would be so much fun? Now, we actually wait for that one hour in the day to watch Doordarshan instead of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. People who didn’t even know to make tea are trying new recipes every day. Instead of being glued to the screens all day, people are reading books. They are spending time with themselves, discovering the true self. 

A question that you must ask yourself often: What is the most important thing in this very second?

Little Things in Life that You Don’t Even Realize are Making You Happy

  • Watching a sunset or sunrise
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have some extra hours to sleep
  • Finding money in the pocket of your old jeans that you had forgotten about
  • Watching your favorite movie after a long time
  • Eating the first bite of your favorite dessert
  • Sitting on a bed that has new bedsheets
  • Receiving a long text message from a person that really matters in your life
  • An appreciation from an unknown person
  • The feeling when you know that for someone you are an inspiration
  • Helping someone you don’t even know
  • Having a long conversation with an old friend after a long time
  • Repeating the same old stories and incidents with your friends and family
  • The aroma of the wet mud
  • Playing with colors; painting; doesn’t matter whether you are a born painter or not
  • The smile on the face of a person when you give them a surprise
  • Cleaning and decorating your own room
  • Listening to your favorite song on repeat
  • Getting a surprise bed tea with your favorite snacks
  • Unexpected rainy day at school
  • Wearing a new dress
  • Laughing on nothing until your muscles start aching

Valuing Little Things in Life to Make a Big Difference

1. Attitude of Gratitude

Little Things in Life

Little Things in Life

‘Acknowledging the good that you already have in life is the foundation for all the abundance’- Eckhart Tolle

The feeling of gratitude helps us to value the little things in life that we often take for granted. It helps you to count on the blessing you have in life. It unlocks the fullness of life and turns confusion into clarity and denial into acceptance. The moment you feel thankful for the things you have in life, a small loop is created that feeds the brain with energy and motivation.

Start your day with a grateful heart, count on your daily blessings, and see the magic it brings in your life. Adopting an attitude of gratitude will make a big difference in your life. 

2. Live in the Present

‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present’- LAO TZU

Being aware and mindful of what is happening around means you are living in the present. It is attained at a point when you no longer worry about the past and not fear what will happen in the future. Living in the present is centered on ‘Here’ and ‘Now’. According to a Harvard study, we spend almost 47% of our waking hours we think about things that are not actually happening. 

One great way to ensure that you are living in the present moment is ‘self-awareness’. When you are aware, you learn to appreciate the little things in life instead of worrying about the future or pondering over the past. 

Create a morning ritual for yourself. It is the time when you can set your whole day right. Practice meditation or Yoga. It will help you connect with yourself and feel a deep sense of gratitude. 

3. A Big Curve: Smile

Little Things in Life

Little Things in Life

‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight’- Phyllis Diller

According to medical science, when you smile a chemical called serotonin is produced in the body that produced feelings of well-being and happiness. Low levels of serotonin in the body are associated with feelings of depression and anxiety.

Sit for about 10 minutes in a day to think about all the little things that made you smile, whether it was an exquisite sunset, listening to an old song, meeting a stranger, or enjoying an extra 5 minutes of sleep. The people who find a reason to smile despite their circumstances are the strongest. They remain optimistic and are always determined to find the silver lining. A wide smile can help you accomplish everything. 

4. Slow Down to Savour the Experiences

‘Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more, don’t be so serious, life is not a race.’- Christiane Lemieux

Most of the time we are simply running behind to catch something or the other. We are always on an autopilot mode busy accomplishing our set of goals one by one. In this state of perpetual doing, we often forget to enjoy the little moments that make our life worth living. Sometimes, you need to take a step back to appreciate the little things in life like an achievement of your school days or a day when your small help changed the life of a person. 

The right time never comes, its just a perception of your mind. There will always be work, always new dreams and goals that you will run behind. So, why not slow down for a few minutes and enjoy the simplicities of your day. 

Final Thoughts

‘Journeys are more beautiful than destinations.’ No doubt, having big goals in life is really important, but don’t miss out on the amazing moments of the journey. Life is made up of a series of magical moments. Enjoy the little things in life because one day when you will realize these were the big things. Let us know in the comments the happiest moments of your life.