Best Life Lessons Learned From Lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak that was first detected in China has now affected more than 185 countries. In India, whether it was religious places, malls, cinema halls, eating outlets, flight/train services, eCommerce services, or schools/colleges, everything was shut on 22nd March 2020 to control the outbreak of this deadly virus. The pandemic is spreading really fast and the only way to prevent it is social distancing. It’s been 2 months since everyone is at home. If we see the positive side, we all got enough of the break and time that we always craved. Apart from working, we enjoyed the life of watching television the whole day or trying out new recipes. The comfort of working in Pyjamas is something that we got from lockdown. Let’s check out the biggest life lessons learned from lockdown. 

6 Life Lessons Learned from Lockdown

1. The Value of Family

The busy schedules from 8 in the morning to 8 in the night never gave us enough time to be there with our family. This lockdown has given us the time to celebrate life with the family. From playing Ludo to cards, watching Ramayan on DD to repeating the same old stories, this lockdown has taught us there is nothing more precious and valuable than your family. It’s time to renew the old ties and show all the love and care. 

2. Learn to Live with Less

One of the most important lessons learned during lockdown is being able to live with less. It has made us realized sometimes we crib for things that are not even necessary. This lockdown has taught us we can live without new accessories, shopping malls, cinema halls, and everything that we think are of supreme importance. It has made us realized that we do not need all kinds of sauces to make Pasta, you can make your own sauce with tomatoes and milk. We do not need to see movies sitting in a PVR, watching a movie in a dark and cool room while lying down and eating popcorns is more fun. Stylish accessories and trendy dresses cannot beat the comfort of Pyjamas. It’s sometimes fun to cook recipes with fewer ingredients.

3. Enjoy the Silence

‘The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind’- Elbert Einstein. This lockdown has given us all the opportunity to spend time with yourself. With everything slowing down, we have learned that spending time with oneself is the best thing. The famous poet Rumi says, ‘The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.’

4. Appreciating Little Things

In our hectic schedules, we almost forget to appreciate the little things of life. We didn’t even have the time to appreciate the beautiful things around us like chirping birds or finding the figures and shapes in clouds or maybe the house-help which you may be missing so much.  Appreciating little things is focusing on the smallest amount of pleasure which we otherwise take for granted. This lockdown has taught us to practice gratitude. It has taught us life is precious and it’s not always of wearing that gorgeous dress or going on a ride in BMW. Sometimes, stopping to look at the new leaves grow or a new herb growing in your kitchen garden is an amazing feeling.

5. Cooking and Baking is No Big Deal

‘No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing’. Lockdown and quarantine have proved this saying. The social media is now flooded with the food stories of budding chefs. People who never thought of making simple dinner are now trying out the Golgappe recipe. Birthdays cakes are now being made at home with full love and that’s what makes these lockdown birthdays special. People are exploring themselves, trying out new recipes, spending more time in the heart of the home i.e. kitchen.

6. Cherish the Beauty of Nature

This is one of the most important life lessons learned from lockdown. Waking up to the refreshing air, spending some quality time gardening is actually fun. Now, you will find everyone back on their terrace in the morning or evening doing Yoga, exercising, playing badminton, football or simply walking around. People are now spending more time cherishing the beauty of nature. The trend of talking to each other from terraces has now returned. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it about saving money for the future or the importance of having a family, the lockdown has taught us many valuable lessons that will be there with us forever. One of the most important lessons learned from lockdown is that we should never take anything for granted. Enjoying each day to the fullest is how you should live life. Planning is not everything sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Soon the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end and our life will be back on the track. But, there are some things that you will miss once the lockdown is over. Let us know in comments what have you learned from lockdown and what you are going to miss the most once the lockdown is over completely.