Learning the Art of Letting Go: Way to mental peace

‘Letting go is hard but sometimes holding on is harder’. It is important to end an old chapter before reading the new one. Be it your favorite toy of childhood that broke, an opportunity you were waiting for years, a fight with a close friend, death of a close person or any other situation, there comes a point in life when you need to let go of things. Holding onto the past causes suffering. It stops you from experiencing the magic of life, instead, your mind is always occupied with fear and worry. ‘Fear’ and ‘Worry’ are like slow poison killing our happiness every moment. Scroll down to know more about learning the art of letting go. Hope, these practices make it easier for you to let go of things. 

Learning the Art of Letting Go: Passing the Torch

1. Deal with Your Thoughts

For learning the art of letting go, you need to have control over your thoughts. There are several moments in life when you find it so difficult to let go. Your mind is all choked up with the same thoughts, be it a fight with a close friend, breakup, or the grievance of losing the person you loved so much. There is a sought of repeat telecast of these thoughts in your mind and it causes issues like anxiety and heart palpitation. 

Just close your eyes and remember that a day will come when all this will not matter anymore. This very realization takes away the stiffness in your body and mind. There are two ways to deal with your thoughts

Temporary Solution: There are many temporary solutions to deal with negative thoughts and emotions like:

  • Start chanting, maybe just the word ‘OM’
  • Count your own breaths
  • Bring your mind to the present moment, maybe by talking to your favorite person
  • Involving yourself in some work

But, all these are temporary solutions, they will give you peace but only for a limited time. The moment you will lay on your bed at night in silence, these thoughts will choke your mind. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a permanent solution to a problem.

Permanent Solution: Don’t run from the situation, face it! You need to go deep into the problem to understand what in actual is troubling you. Is it anything worth worrying or is it just your thoughts and anxiousness. If you can do something about your problem or if you find who actually is in pain with the problem, then it becomes easy to deal with your thoughts

Here is an interesting concept of Gaur Gopal Das on  Why worry.

2. Living in the Present

One mistake we all are doing is dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. We ignore the present, the opportunities we have, the happiness, fulfillment, and joy. No doubt that it is important to analyze our past so that we do not repeat the same mistakes and it is also essential to think about the future to guide our life’s trajectory. But what’s most important is ‘Here’ and ‘Now’. It’s the only thing we have right in front of us and we can make it better every second. 

Being mindful about the present is the key to letting it go. Enjoy each and every moment of your life and be in it. Be brave enough to accept life’s inevitabilities. When you start focussing on what is good in your life, the negative emotions start vanishing. 


3. Be Brave Enough to Say Goodbye

Goodbyes are not always bad, sometimes it helps to move on and let it go. You never know what is waiting for you ahead. Learning the art of letting go requires the learning of saying goodbye to things, people, and situations at the right time. Sometimes goodbyes are not ending, they are just bridges for a new beginning. 

“It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle”

4. Reasons for Not Letting Go

Good things keep happening to us at all times but we just like to focus on things that are not going right. Being fearless is the key to learning the art of letting go. Your fear is one of the biggest obstacles that stop you from letting things go. For instance, if you have a wonderful memory with a person, the mind convinces you that you can never have any other better memory with another person. You will never experience the same pleasure and happiness with someone else. If you get an opportunity today, you will never something as good as this in the future. 

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But the truth is you will always find something better as life goes on. New experiences, new passions, way better opportunities will flow in your life with time. For now, you need to let go of the fear of losing. 

If you look back in life, you might find yourself laughing in certain situations which ones seemed to be life-threatening. Sooner or later, you will realize holding onto something so tightly only affects your mental health.

5. Try to See the Reality

There comes a point in life when letting go is the only option left. Sometimes, you try to stay in a place where you are no more welcomed. Our mind often tricks us into believing things that somewhat comfort our mind and soul. We try to put things in a way so as to feel less hurt. We keep on creating stories about different situations because of which we are unable to let go of things.

You need to see things beyond your optical illusion. Understand the reality no matter how harsh it is. Once you starting doing that, you learn the art of letting go. You get the power to deal with your insecurities, fears, and failures. 

6. Meditate to Quiet the Mind

Meditation is one of the best ways for learning the art of letting go. It teaches you to live in the present moment. It’s a way to channel your thoughts in a positive direction. Negative emotions, stress, anxiety, overthinking and everything that bothers you vanishes in the air of meditation.

Final Thoughts

Learning the art of letting go is the key to a fulfilling, satisfying and productive life. We don’t even have an idea of how much time we are wasting dwelling over the past and crying over things that don’t even matter. But, don’t worry, with practice and patience, you will learn to let of things that hurt you. Sooner or later, you will realize fear and anxiety are not worth your precious time.