Laughing Buddha: The Feng Shui Belief for Positivity and Good Fortune

Laughing Buddha: A constant reminder to stay happy, smile and enjoy your life

‘Hope’ and ‘Belief’ are those two words that keep us going in life even in the states of disappointment, stress, dismal, and darkness. One such belief is the Feng Shui way to attract positivity, happiness, wealth, good fortune, and prosperity in your life. Scroll down to get a deeper understanding of this belief. 

Just like Lord Kuber is worshiped in India as the God of wealth and prosperity, Laughing Buddha is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. It is a symbol of good fortune and abundance in a person’s life. Many claims that he solves the problems, keep negativity at bay and ensure happiness and positive vibes in a person’s life. The pleasing look of Laughing Buddha alleviates the stress and sorrows of life.

Did you Know Rubbing the Tummy of Laughing Buddha Could Fulfill your Wishes?

Do you know why the size of the laughing Buddha statue matters? It is because Laughing Buddha likes his tummy to be rubbed. It is a belief that if you rub his tummy every day with a positive mindset, he will see to it that all your wishes are granted. This gesture will uplift your spirits and make you feel happy. 

Remember, the statue should always be clean and shining

Laughing Buddha: Different Signs and Symbols

Laughing Buddha

Different Laughing Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues Surrounded by Children

Statues of Laughing Buddha surrounded by children symbolizes the blessing in different areas of your life. Whether it is kept in the home or workplace, it fills the area with positive energy. Additionally, it represents the welfare of a family, especially children. 

Buddha Statues with beads hanging around the neck

Most statues come with a chain of beads hanging from the neck. These beads are referred to as ‘pearls of wisdom’ and people normally keep these statues close to the place where they meditate. 

Buddha Statues with a Bowl

If you want to attract an abundance of good fortune in your life, it is suggested to choose a laughing buddha statue holding a bowl. It symbolizes that the owner of this statue is open and ready to receive all the good things in life. 

Buddha Statues Wearing a Hat

Buddha statues wearing a hat symbolizes a happy, healthy, and long life. It is an ideal choice for people who want to live a carefree life with little or no worries. 

Buddha Statues Holding a Fan

Budhha statues holding a fan known as Oogi symbolizes inner peace and spiritual wisdom. The fan is a sign of waving away all the troubles and negative energy. It is a statue for people who want to live in harmony and learn the secrets of divine wisdom. 

Keep this statue in your home for a ‘don’t worry, be happy’ kind of attitude.

Buddha Statues Holding Gold Nuggets

Laughing Buddha statue with gold nuggets symbolizes wealth and prosperity. So if attracting wealth is your goal, choose a statue carrying a bag filled with gold nuggets or a pot of gold.


Laughing Buddha: Feng Shui to Correct the Imbalances in Your Life

Feng Shui focuses on the position, placement, and directions of keeping the Buddha statue. According to Feng Shui, the reason for placing the buddha statues in the right positions and directions is essential to resolve a certain problem in your life. 

Directions to Place Laughing Buddha to Resolve Different Issues in Life

For betrayals and arguments

Keeping this Feng Shui statue at your workspace will prevent betrayals and arguments at the professional level. It is a belief that it helps you to stay at the forefront of your career. Students who want to attain certain academic aspirations can keep it on their study table to enhance their educational luck. 

Southwest and East Direction to Attract Good Fortune

According to the Feng Shui Bagua Formula, if the statue is kept in the Southeast direction of the living room or dining room, it will bestow luck and increased income. People in high positions or in competitive careers can keep a statue in the workplace to eliminate negative vibes and bring good luck. The smiling face will clear your mind and reduce stress. 

Why You Should Not Buy a Laughing Buddha for Your Ownself: The Tradition of Gifting

It is a belief that keeping the statue of laughing Buddha in the right place increases the positive vibes in the home and reduces negativity and stress. It symbolizes the advent of prosperity and happiness in the house.

In China, it is strictly prohibited to buy a Laughing Buddha on your own. According to their beliefs, this statue is a symbol of wealth and one should not buy it selfishly. They believe Laughing Buddha only blesses if he sees selflessness around and that is why it is a tradition of gifting it to one another. 

Do’s and Don’t of Keeping a Laughing Buddha

  • Make sure the statue is facing the main door of your house, welcoming you every day with a smile
  • Ensure the height of Laughing Buddha is equal to your eye level
  • Never place this statue in the kitchen, bathroom or the floor
  • Do not place it upon or near any electronics

Concluding Thoughts

Do you even want a stress-free life? Keep a smiling face at your home too. It has no negative impact and you are not even harming anyone’s sentiments or emotions by keeping a Feng Shui statue at home. And, remember, hope and faith can move mountains. Hope, you enjoyed reading this blog! Share your views on this belief in comments.