Is it Okay to Take a Break from Life?

‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you’- Anne Lamott. Breaks and detours are equally important as the work needed to achieve your goals. Sometimes you need a mental and emotional break from life and it is completely okay. Whether it is about taking a break from daily routine or from some people, it is perfectly fine. Read the blog post to explore warning signs that it’s time to take a break and the best ways to do it. 

6 Warning Signs that it’s Time to Take a Break from Life

1. Hearing the Phone Ring Makes You Angry or Anxious

When we were kids having a personal mobile phone was a reason for happiness. Sending text messages while studying, clicking pictures, checking the mail once in a while made us happy. But now the story has changed, isn’t it? Checking the mails no more excites us instead it’s a duty to check and reply to emails. Sometimes, we don’t even wish to reply to messages. Now as soon as the phone rings, our mind gets a signal of more work or a new responsibility. This is the WARNING that you need a break from life. All you need to do is turn off your mobile phones for a day and just relax. Answering text messages and replying to emails is not always necessary. It’s okay not to answer calls or it’s completely fine if you miss something. 

2. The First and the Last Thing of the Day is Checking Mails

Are you constantly checking your emails? Is the notification pop up distracting you while spending time with the family? If yes, then definitely you need a break. It’s an alert that it’s high time you stop checking emails while going to bed or getting up in the morning. Don’t take work to bed because the last thought before your sleep is important for your mental health. The day is long enough to check and answer the emails. 

3. Restlessness has Become a Part of Life

Do you feel to give up on everything? Does always lying down comforts you? Do you get bored with things and wish to leave it halfway? If yes, then maybe you are overburdening yourself. Neither you are slowing down nor you are taking enough breaks to relax your body and mind. And even if you are relaxing, your mind is not at ease. It’s constantly talking and it’s hard to stop the conversation. It’s Okay to leave everything once a while. 

4. No More Interest in Doing Your Favorite Work

The things that interested you the most or made you happy are no more bringing joy. For instance, if you loved to paint, now when you sit to paint it also feels like a task to be accomplished. Choose out odd things and do one new thing every week. 

5. Petty Things are Irritating You

Do you get irritated more often with people? Does talking with friends or going to a gathering annoys you? Irritability, anxiety, and mild tension are the biggest symptoms that you need a break from life. It’s a sign that you have been too hard on yourself and it is time to let go of everything before you get in a permanent state of cranky. It’s completely okay if you don’t want to talk to someone. It’s Okay to stay alone. It’s Okay to not attend any gatherings. 

6. Overthinking and FOMO

Thinking is never a problem but overthinking is definitely a big problem. Because when you overthink, you imagine scenarios or situations that may never happen in reality. It can choke your mind and even you be a victim of some deadly medical emergency. But do you know how to stop this overthinking? One of the most simple things to do is keep asking questions to your mind as soon as a thought enters. For instance, you can ask questions like

  • Will this matter to me in the coming years?
  • Do I have a solution to deal with it?
  • Is it really worth to think about? 

Do you know Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the biggest reasons for our stress, anxiety, and depression? We never want to miss out on anything in life be it a favorite food or a gold medal or an amazing career opportunity. We always fear that if we stop to take a break maybe we will miss something awesome. This fear is the cause of worry. You can’t get everything in life and that is why it is better to stay in the moment and cherish whatever you are having.


Best Ways to Take a Break from Everything

  • Take a 15-minute extra sleep 
  • Say No to anything that you don’t want to do
  • Indulge yourself in a guilty pleasure that you have always wanted to
  • Sometimes it is okay to delay a task that can be done tomorrow
  • Do a little jogging or take a long walk to uplift your mood
  • Put on your favorite song and just jump around
  • Holding grudges is just a waste of time. What’s done is done. Leave it and move on
  • Watch some comedy scenes or maybe your favorite movie
  • Paint, draw, sketch, do anything you like and get rid of stress instantly
  • Savor every bite of the meal you eat
  • Look at things you usually take for granted
  • Do things you are not able to do normally due to lack of time
  • Go out of the way and learn something new 
  • Keep yourself at a distance with all the electronics especially laptop, tablet, and mobile
  • Just relax and be there in the moment instead of constantly running and achieving
  • Practice a spiritual technique maybe yoga or meditation
  • Make your own creative journal and preserve the most beautiful memories
  • Daydreaming is not that bad, you can let your mind wander sometimes
  • Music can really lift up your mood and energy levels so sit back and let your mind dance on the rhythm of your favorite tracks
  • Start backward counting the moment you feel frustrated and if you feel you are on the verge of exploding
  • Change the decor or either the setting of your room. Maybe you can put a new scenery or some fairy lights
  • Stop waiting for an apology because once you accept the apology that you never got, life becomes a lot easier


Concluding Thoughts

‘Sometimes you need to take a break from everyone and spend time alone, to experience, appreciate and love yourself- Robert Tew. We all need to take a break at some point in life and it’s nothing wrong with taking a break. There are a lot of factors like work, finances, and family that keep us moving but it is essential to hit the pause button and stop once a while. Let us know in the comments if you need a break too and if there is something that is stopping you do to so.