How to be Happy in Life: Simple Habits to Uplift Your Mood

‘The key to being happy is knowing that you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go’- Dodinsky. If you think doing things to make others happy will make you feel happy then maybe it just your illusion. The reality is you can never make any human being happy or satisfied. No matter what you do in life, people will always criticize you for one or the other thing. If you do things according to them, then they will find something new to poke you. So, giving your key of happiness into someone’s else hand is an act of foolishness. The simple way to be happy is celebrating life, choosing work that you love to do, making your own rules, spending time alone, dancing on the beats of nature, accepting things even when nothing is right, and laughing on yourself. Read this blog post to know how to be happy in life. 

How to Be Happy in Life: Quick Tips

  • Ditch your phone for atleast a day in a week. 
  • Declutter not only your mind but your room too
  • Give someone a genuine compliment
  • Fuel up your body by spending some time in nature
  • Be happy with other people’s success
  • Get a peaceful sleep
  • Start writing a journal
  • Do any one thing atleast once in a week that you have never done before
  • Paint your heart out
  • Try out some new recipes
  • Enjoy a one-hour bubble bath
  • Do something for your skin your hair
  • Give random surprises
  • Talk with yourself in the mirror
  • Read 20-30 pages of any novel or book
  • Listen to your favorite music while walking or jogging
  • Exercise and Meditate
  • Always keep that big smile on your face
  • Look for the little joys around you
  • Share your joys, problems, and experiences with your friends
  • Learn to be happy on other people’s success
  • Stop worrying about things that are not in your control
  • Feed your soul and body with good food
  • Take a break from work or plan a trip
  • Keep practicing positive affirmations

How to be Happy

6 Simple Habits for a Happier Life

1. Live in the Present

‘The art of life is to live in the present and make each moment perfect and worth.’ Have you ever thought about what actually causes worry in life? It’s either the past or the future. Most of our problems lie there. Living the present means not regretting about happened in the past nor fearing what will happen in the future. It’s enjoying and living today as if it’s your last day. You can even call this as mindfulness. You are no more a slave of your thoughts but an observer of what’s happening without any judgment. 

When you live in the present, you start accepting things the way they are instead of fussing or fretting about it. Here are some tips to live in the present

  • Start your day with an optimistic attitude
  • Remove items or possessions that are related to past memories
  • Stop dwelling over things that have already happened
  • Enjoy everything be it sight, sound, emotions, taste or any other feeling
  • Choose to let it go and move on
  • Love every single thing you are doing

2. Acceptance is the Key

‘Happiness can only exist in acceptance.’ Acceptance does not mean that things will get better indeed it’s a way to live life on your own terms and conditions. Self-acceptance is one of the best happiness habits to develop. When you learn the accept the situation, you actually open your mind to improve your life. Accepting the reality of life will pay in the long run. Don’t run from negative situations, instead deal with them and you will understand everything happens for a good reason. 

3. Appreciation Matters a Lot

Why we always wait for exceptional things to be happy? Is it true that only a successful career, a good job, and a loving relationship will only make you happy? This is just our mindset or perspective to look at happiness. There are many people around the world who have everything but they are not happy and on the other end there are people who have lost everything but still are happy. The reason is gratitude and appreciation. So, for people who keep asking how to be happy, the answer is simple. Practice gratitude and learn to appreciate everything in life be it a big achievement or a small one. Enjoy the little joys of life and make sure you start your day by appreciating your life and the beautiful gifts it has bestowed upon you. Also, when you appreciate others, you are indirectly welcoming abundance in your life. 

4. Forgiving and Forgetting is Life

Forgiveness helps you get rid of resentment and other negative emotions that are tied to a particular situation or person. Forgiving and forgetting is essential to lead a happy and fulfilled life. When you are angry or hurt with a person, it blocks the way to happiness. Once you learn to forgive, you free up yourself from the negativity. 


5. Always Keep Your Expenditure Less than Your Income

People who say that money is not a factor to keep you happy are absolutely wrong. The reason is if you will not have enough money you will always be stressed. If you are spending less than you earn, you will never be stressed because of finances. It is essential to fulfill the basic needs and save for the future because you never what will come next. Life can throw challenges anytime so atleast thinking about money will not be a road blocker in your happiness. 

6. Go on a Date with Yourself Once in a While

‘Date yourself because you deserve time to live your life.’ Who said you always need someone by your side to feel happy. Once in a while ditch everyone and everything and spend time just with yourself. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to take a long bubble bath, wear your favorite pajamas, grab some popcorn, and watch your favorite series or get ready and go for dinner. The choice is yours but the only point is to spend some time with yourself because nothing else is more important in life. If you can learn to love yourself, you will always do your best for others too. 

Concluding Thoughts

Happiness is a choice that you can make everyday. Practicing these simple habits can bring a major difference in your life. Life is never going to be perfect. Somedays, it will be full of roses and maybe the next day it is the bed of thorns. It’s up to you how you are going to respond. Let us know in comments what are things that make you happy. It could be anything like playing with your dog, cooking a special meal, watching late night movies, cheat meals, and more.