How to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out

You did not attend the office party. Are people bonding without you or they gossiping about you? You made a checklist of all the places to visit in a city but you couldn’t do it all. Is that fear of missing something beautiful making you restless? If yes, then maybe you are suffering from Fear of missing out (FOMO).

‘The fear of missing out on things makes you miss out on everything.’ FOMO is a feeling that you are missing something important that others are enjoying. In this world of virtual media, it’s becoming common and is causing a significant amount of stress. It involves a sense of helplessness that you are missing out on something big. 

Dealing with Fear of Missing Out

You might have watched a popular bollywood film ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. A popular scene of this movie well explains the feeling of FOMO and it even gives a strong message at the end. During the Wedding functions, when Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) and Naina (Deepika Padukone) head out to explore the beauty of Udaipur, there comes a point when Naina gets tired and wants to enjoy the beauty of sunset. But, Bunny has a fear that the lights and sight sound would be fantastic and he does not want to miss it. The popular dialogue of Naina then is a simple message that we all need to understand in life. 

Fear of Missing Out

Is it not simple to understand that every instance of life will be beautiful and different. It is we who have to make a decision based on our priorities and situations. Can’t we just sit for a while and enjoy the moments that are coming our way.

Ice-cream or No Ice-cream: The Choice is Yours

Let’s take an example, you are eating a butterscotch ice-cream. It’s in your hands and nobody can take it from you. But, you are dreaming of a chocolate ice-cream. Now, it’s in your hands, whether you are going to cherish the bite of your butterscotch before it melts or you are going to dream of chocolate ice-cream which is not there. Or you will just let the moment slip and regret later. 

8 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out

  1. Changing focus and perspective can help you alot. Try to focus on what you have or what you are doing in the present situation instead of thinking about what you do not have or what is missing.
  2. Social media is one of the biggest reasons for the feeling of FOMO. Try to keep positive people only in your feed. Hide people who brag too much. Check out some social media detox tips.
  3. Practice any mindfulness activity. For example, if you are watering the plants in the garden, feel each part of your soul involved in it. Enjoy the aroma of wet mud, feel the fragrance of different flowers, walk bare feet to feel the comfort of grass. Just be yourself and don’t yearn for things that are not possible at that moment.
  4. Spend quality time with people that really matter to you. Don’t fall for materialistic things instead value your relations. It is the time spent with loved ones that brings fulfillment in life.
  5. Savor the present moment instead of running towards another experience or thrill. Enjoy the sensory delights and cultivate the feeling of being there in any moment. 
  6. Life is all about trial and error. It can never be perfect so why not enjoy the process. You will miss something or the other in life so why not take pleasure in small things like maybe a coffee, or reading a favorite book.
  7. Create your own journal and fill it with happy moments, pictures, thoughts, and quotes. Each time you open one page, you will feel the fulfillment in life. 
  8. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, count your blessings. When you start practicing gratitude you stop fearing things that you think are important for life. 

Concluding Thoughts

The best way to reduce the feeling of FOMO is to not let your fantasies rule your decisions of life. All you need to remember is to let go of what you think your life is supposed to be and celebrate for what it is. Give yourself time and prioritize things that really matter to you. Let us know in the comments are you even stuck in the cycle of FOMO?