How to Overcome the Fear of Future

‘Fears are nothing more than our state of mind’- Napoleon Hill. Just like the ticking of a clock, our day begins with the ticking of fear. The moment we open our eyes in the morning we starting creating thoughts, exaggerate them, and surround ourselves with ‘FEAR’. From the fear of getting late for the meeting and missing something essential to the fear of losing someone dear, our mind is always equipped with something that directly or indirectly ruining our present moment. Fear plays a major role in shaping our personality and behavior. Excessive fear could lead to missed opportunities, social isolation, dissatisfaction with life, and professional stagnation. So, let’s come together to accept that fear is a part of life. All we need to learn is when and where to stop. Let’s start by exploring how to overcome the fear of future. 

The Fear of Future

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‘Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves- the regret of the past and fear of the future’– Fulton Oursler. Fear is nothing but our excessive and exaggerated imagination. The thoughts we create everyday decide the course of our fear. Going more precisely, the medical term for the fear of future is Chronophobia. It means the fear of passing time. It is natural to worry about things, to think about the future but the problem begins when this fear starts to undermine your happiness. The reality is 99% of things that we fear actually never happen in reality. 

Nobody knows what’s there in the future so why try making new predictions everyday. Imagine if you know the plan of entire life ahead what would you do next? Will you not try to change the odd events that are going to happen in the near future. Would you not try to control everything? And, moreover will it possible to change anything? The straight answer is ‘NO’. In fact, the revelation will increase anxiety and fear of future. It will ruin your present moment and half of us would want to commit suicide on the same day. 

6 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Future

1. Analyze What are the Causes of Fear of Future

Take a pen and paper to note down each and every thought that is making you anxious about future. Make another column and write down the possible solution for each of your thought. If you are unable to find the solution, it’s better to leave it on time. As soon as any fearful thought engulfs your mind, question yourself whether it matters or not? Will you be able to change anything? Is there any solution for the fear? Will it even happen in reality? Countering your mind with quick questions will shift your focus and you will feel calm and relaxed. 

2. Always Everything Happens for a Reason

‘Someday, everything that is happening will make sense. So, it is better to laugh at the confusion, smile at the tears, be strong, and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason’- John Mayer. Whenever you are faced with a situation, remember that whatever will happen will be good for your present and future. Sometimes, it’s better to leave somethings and worries on time. And, you need to remember that you can’t control everything even if you know your future. 

3. Imagine the Best 

We create our own cycle of thoughts so why not create the best. Visualizing a positive scenario can make you feel better immediately and can help you deal with fearful thoughts. Mostly, we imagine our future scenarios thinking about how we would respond in particular situations. Try to imagine the positive scenarios whenever a thought is disturbing you. Imagine something is actually happening to you and feel the happiness the thought brings to you. Nobody knows what the future is holding but atleast you can imagine the best-case scenarios and feel good. After all, there is no tax on imagination. 


4. Find Someone to Share Your Fears

Sharing your fears with someone does not mean that you are a complaining creature. We all are human beings and it is normal to get anxious and scared. Each one of us atleast have one person who knows 90% of things about your life. This person knows who you are, your strength, behavior, and weakness. Whenever your mind is occupied with a thought that creates the fear of the future, just dial up a number you can trust upon. Don’t think the person on the other side of the phone will judge you, just empty of heart and mind. Talk about what is making you anxious, maybe the other person has a solution for it.

5. Practice Meditation and Check on for Self-help Videos

Meditation is the path that can help you to reintroduce yourself to the part that is missing. It makes your mind calm and your soul powerful. It enables you to stay in the present moment and attracts abundance in your life. Meditation helps a person to deal with future anxieties. Closing your eyes and counting your breaths can calm your restlessness instantly. You can even check for some self-help videos to put an end to your overthinking. Other things you can do is practice pranic healing or make a positive journal. 

6. Remember the Worry Cycle Mantra

Fear of Future

‘Anything you can’t control is teaching you to let go.’ Not everything that happens in life is in our control. Sometimes, we need to just sit back, relax, breathe, and let life happen. Next time, whenever a thought of the future is creating worry or anxiousness, remember that if you can’t control it, then what’s the point of thinking about it. If you can’t change it, is it not wise to end the thought. 

Concluding Thoughts

The fear of future can ruin the happiness of your present moment. Fear of the future is nothing but the illusion of the mind. Changing your perception can break the chains of fear and help you live in the present. Excessive fear can damage you spiritually, mentally, and physically. No doubt you can’t control your future but trust me your mind is fully in your control. Just believe in yourself and enjoy the present. Let us know in the comments what are your biggest fears and how you are dealing with it.