Examples of IoT Applications in Real World

‘Everything that can be automated will be automated’- Robert Cannon. This is one of the most suitable quotes that well defines IoT. From retail to security and automotive to healthcare, the impact of IoT is impressive in every vertical. Let’s explore the examples of IoT applications and how it is impacting our life. 

IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices and digital machines that bridges the gap between daily objects and the internet. It reduces human efforts in daily tasks and facilitates a machine or device to handle things with ease. 

Top 5 Examples of IoT Applications 

1. Concept of Smart Homes

The concept of ‘Smart Homes’ gives you the liberty to enjoy convenience at its best. Imagine life would be so much easy and comfortable if you could easily control things with a smartphone. Smart homes in one of the most promising examples of IoT in the real-world that will soon become as common as smartphones. Here are certain things that you can easily do:

  • Switch off or on the lights even when you are not at home. 
  • Switch on the air conditioner in your room before reaching home so that a cool temperature is created for your comfort
  • Record your favorite show and watch it as per your convenience

Many smart home companies like Nest, Ring, August, and Ecobee are using IoT to make products that will give you a never seen before experience. In addition, Philips has now started providing smart illumination solutions that enable you to control lighting colours and set it according to your mood. 

2. Concept of Smart Cities

The concept of ‘Smart Cities’ ranks the list of top examples of IoT applications in the real world. Some examples of IoT applications for smart cities include automated transportation, urban security, environmental monitoring, smart surveillance, and smarter energy management systems. 

IoT applications in the future will solve problems city people face like traffic congestion, shortage of energy supplies and pollution. For instance, products like Smart belly trash (cellular communication) will send alerts to municipal services when a bin of a particular area is full and needs to be emptied. 

In addition, citizens can use IoT sensors to find free available parking slots across the city. 


3. The Road for Self-drive Cars

‘Self-drive’ cars have already created a lot of buzz in the real world. It is one of the most promising examples of IoT taken from real life. Tech giants like Tesla and Google have already developed and tested their self-driven vehicles using the combined powers of IoT and Machine Learning. 

Not sure whether these self-drive cars would survive in countries with high traffic, but definitely it is a good start. These self-driven cars are embedded with sensors and systems connected with the cloud and internet that enables them to deal with the real humans on the road. In addition, the use of Blockchain technology protects these cars from potential cyber threats. 

4. Concept of Smart Farming

The demand for food supply is continuously increasing with the world’s population. ‘Smart farming’ is one of the most promising examples of IoT applications in the real world. The government is helping farmers to use IoT powered advanced techniques to increase food production. Using IoT technology, farmers can learn more about the patterns of different crops. Here are some use cases of how IoT is helping in farming:

  • Sensing for nutrients and moisture of the soil
  • Deriving meaningful insights from data to increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Determining custom fertilizers that are good for farming
  • Controlling water usage for the growth of plants

5. IoT in Retail Industry

IoT has made the whole eCommerce shopping experience amazing and convenient. IoT provides an opportunity for retailers to enhance their in-store experience by connecting with customers. For instance, Amazon Go is a store that enables users to shop without cash. The customers just need to pick a product from the store, add it to the shopping cart, and pay the price through their Amazon wallet. This concept paves the way for the future of retail shopping. 

In addition, retailers can serve their customers in a better way using Beacon technology. For instance, retailers can track the path of customers moving in the store and place the premium products in high traffic areas.

Final Thoughts

IoT will continue to expand its horizon in the near future. The technology has already demonstrated its unbelievable results in the main spheres of human life. From smart homes to driverless cars, IoT has made the lives of people simpler and convenient. These promising examples of IoT applications will bring a macro shift in the way we live. Let us know what you think about the future of IoT in the comments below.