A Day at Harihareshwar beach

Road trip!!! Sounds adventurous right? Often we have heard famous quotes that it’s the journey that is sometimes more beautiful than the destination. But, you won’t feel this until you have experienced it. So, here is my road trip experience to the beautiful Konkan belt of India. This is one of the best tourist places for one day trip.

Konkan is a beautiful region in the western coastline of India, which falls under the states of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. It is a hidden gem in the western ghats with beautiful beaches and tropical forests. As we all are aware Goa is a very popular destination for tourists but this time we are talking about the unexplored gem of Konkan- Harihareshvar. It is a beautiful vacation spot for a road trip.

Best tourist places for one day trip

Road trip to the Konkan Belt | Best tourist places for one day trip

We started our trip from Pune and took the road to Harihareshvar via the Tamini ghats. It took us around 5 hours to reach our destination but the journey we took was magnificent. The Tamini ghat road is already an amazing ghat road with many scenic pictures. We also passed through the western ghats tropical forest which seems like a road to heaven.

Talking about Harihareshvar, a beautiful small village known for the famous Harihareshvar temple, windy beaches, and a perfect weekend getaway.

Harihareshvar is a perfect spot for short trips to rejuvenate oneself. It has the well-known Harihareshvar temple, a beautiful beach that lets you witness a perfect sunset, a rock beach, and caves structures that will leave you thinking about the beauty of the place.

There is a small street market near the temple and you will mostly find homestays in the village. There is a famous Harihareshvar resort, very close to the beach which offers you to stay in cottages that would be a great place for your staycations. Talking about food, you will get simple Konkan food everywhere. There is a small trek from the backside of the temple, giving you a beautiful view from the side of the rock beach. You may find many beautiful spots to get your pictures clicked and do a photo session.

Other beaches on the Konkan Belt | Best tourist places for one day trip

You can explore other beaches as well on the Konkan belt like the Aravi beach, which is about 22 km from Harihareshvar, the Divenagar beach, and Srivardhanam beach.  Aravi beach is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in my experience.

One can also plan to visit Harnai beach and Vela’s beach. You have to take a ferry and cross the river with your vehicle on the ferry to go to the other end of the river to explore the two beaches. Harnai beach is a picturesque beach as it is a port for many ships, there is a fort that gives you great views and there are clear sand beaches. In vela’s beach, you can find turtles who come to the seaside to lay eggs in a particular season.


Concluding Thoughts

If you have time, you can visit the beaches of Alibaug as it lies on the same belt. Murud and Kashid are beautiful beaches available there. So, if you want a relaxing holiday, this can be one of the best tourist places for one day trip. Visit the Konkan belt and give a break to your mind and soul. Also, do share your road trip experiences with us in the comments.