Pranic Art of Healing: Uncovering the Inner Peace and Wisdom

‘Pranic healing is the gateway to the higher teachings’- Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a powerful healing technique that requires no machines, technology, or medicines. It is healing without any touching. Pranic Healing works on the concept of Aura (the energies that surround our body). Pranic healing has the power to heal your body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether it’s the pain in your skinned elbow, the pain of the broken bone, the pain of losing someone, or the pain of an ailment, Pranic healing has the power to heal it all. Let’s explore deeply the Pranic art of healing and how it enables a person to get rid of all sought of problems.

Art of Healing

Principles of Pranic Healing


Pranic healing works on the fact that human body has a natural ability to heal itself without any physical treatment or medicines. This healing technique speeds up the process of healing and strengthens the body, mind, and soul. 

Life Force or ‘Prana’:

‘Prana’ is a positive energy that helps a person to heal. In simple words, there are many life sources like air, sun, water, food, plants, and spiritual sources that provide the push for healing. Through Pranic Healing, this energy is shifted to the source that is drained completely.

From Where Did Pranic Art of Healing Originate

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is considered as the modern founder of Pranic Healing. He developed this healing technique over a 20 year period using evidence-based research and experimentation. Pranic healing has shown immediate positive results and contributes to wellbeing, good health, and excellent quality-of-life. There are hundreds of Pranic Healing centers around the globe. Its intend is not to replace conventional medicine but to complement it. 

Influencing Natural ‘Prana’ or ‘Life Force’ with Pranic Healing

At some point in life, we all have certain experiences with energies, but mostly we are unaware of what’s happening or what’s bothering us. You must have experienced that being in a certain place or being around a certain person makes you feel uncomfortable, tired, drained, or fidgety. On the other hand, there are people whose presence makes us feel so cheerful, happy, and energized. The reason behind this is that when a person has an excess of positive energies (Prana) they tend to make other people feel livelier and better. And, if the energies (Prana) of a person is low, people around them feel tired and drained. The person with low energy starts absorbing the ‘vital energy’ of other people. For instance, a person suddenly falls sick due to the change in temperature, this is because there is a lack of Prana. 

Process of Pranic Healing

Art of Healing

  • Scanning: In this step, the practitioner checks for energy abnormalities around the body
  • Cleansing: In this step, the excessive energy that is causing trouble or blocking energy channels are cleaned/removed from the body
  • Replenishing and Energizing with Life Force: Once the cleansing is complete, fresh and healthy ‘Prana’ (energy) is transferred in the body.


Most Frequent Questions Asked About Pranic Healing

1. Can Pranic Healing Really Heal a Person?

It’s all about the belief of the patient. It depends on you and the nature of your problem. You need to have an open mind to accept all that is coming your way. Pranic art of healing provides positive ‘prana’ or energy to the patient’s body. These positive and healthy vibrations help the body to restore its balance and improve energy to fight against any kind of negative energy or illness. 

2. Is it a Faith System or a Religion?

Pranic healing is not a religion. It doesn’t revolve around any concept like sin, salvation, or the afterlife, and neither has any code or doctrine.  You can call it faith but to some extent. Pranic art of healing is indeed a healing technique that does not promote any superstition or religion. It does not ask a person to change their spiritual beliefs. 

3. How is the Treatment Given?

Pranic healing is a no-touch healing treatment. Direct contact between the patient and the practitioner is not essential.

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4. What it Feels After Having a Pranic Healing Treatment?

Many people say after pranic healing sessions a sense of calm and peace ushers in their bodies. They are able to sleep better and the mind feels refreshed and relaxed.

5. Is there any Scientific Logic Behind Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is not paranormal activity. It is based on the laws of nature. Yes, it is a scientific healing procedure that is developed after hundreds of experiments, scientific research, and validation. It has a protocol for every problem be it physical or mental. From anxiety and trauma to cancer and artery disease, there is a unique protocol for everything that gives tangible and positive results in a short span of time. 

Closing Comments

Pranic art of healing uses ‘Prana’, ‘life force’, or energy to accelerate the inborn ability of the body to heal itself. Pranic Healing develops inner stillness, boost positive energy, gives clarity, improves health, and transforms life. Thousands of successful Pranic Healing stories have been documented that includes a complete spectrum of psychological and physical conditions like cancer, headaches, ulcers, asthma, flu, migraine, and back pain. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced the benefits of Pranic Healing.