Biggest AI Trends for 2020

Corporations have now begun to harness the power of AI technology. In 2020, it will move from the hyper state to the practical usage and value state. Check out this blog post to discover the biggest AI trends for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most amazing creations of humans that has made our lives simpler and easier. From using smartphones and smart cars to video games and live streaming services like Spotify, we are all using AI in our everyday lives. Our connection with Siri, Watson or Alexa indicates the robust growth of AI applications in the near future. 

Top 5 AI Trends for 2020

1. AI will Foster Increased Personalization in Real-time

The success of internet giants like Google, Alibaba, Myntra, Amazon, and their ability to give personalized experiences to customers has paved the way for this trend. AI enables retail firms and other businesses to accurately project a 360-degree view of customers in real-time via interacting with them through online portals and mobile applications. AI bots quickly analyze the demands of customers with accuracy. For instance, pizza delivery companies like Pizza hut and Dominos are offering personalized customer experiences by predicting the wants and needs of customers. You may notice the ‘Order Now’ button is in front of your screen every time you open its app. 

2. AI will be Increasingly Used to Create Music, Films and Games

Whether it is 2019 or 2020, there are few things that are best done by humans only. Technology like AI still has to go a long way to give output that is as enjoyable that humans can produce. However, one of the biggest AI trends for 2020 is the increased influence of AI on entertainment media. This year film directors, producers, and game designers will make use of AI technology to create brand new visual effects and trickery. 

As far as the gaming industry is concerned, AI technology will be used to create challenging, human-like opponents to compete with actual players. In 2020, AI techno logy will be capable to create dynamic soundscapes. For instance, AI can create a smart playlist on Google Music or Spotify that matches the mood and pace of our everyday lives.

3. Increased Interaction with AI Bots

One of the biggest AI trends for 2020 is increased interaction with AI bots knowingly or unknowingly. For years have been investing a huge amount of money in natural-language chatbots used in customer service. However, most of us can easily recognize whether we are dealing with a human or a bot. 

The scenario has now changed, as the data sets that are used to train the natural language processing algorithms continue to advance and grow. The advent of semi-supervised models of machine learning and deep learning has enabled the algorithms to match human speech patterns. While we think to connect with a human for information or assistance, they may be efficient bots interpreting accurate questions and giving the best answers. So, 2020 maybe a year when you interact with AI bots without even realizing it. 

4. Use of AI-powered Technology in More Devices

In 2019, we are already using applications that give us AI-powered predictions on our tablets, laptops, computer screens, watches, and cellphones. Using AI technology in more devices will be another biggest AI trends for 2020. Since the cost of hardware and software is continuously decreasing, AI tools will be increasingly used in our household appliances, vehicles, and workplace tools. For instance, you will more devices will be augmented by technology like virtual and reality displays or the Internet of Things (IoT).

5. AI will strengthen Cybersecurity

In 2020, AI will play a crucial role in protecting us from cyber attacks like phishing, hacking, and social engineering. AI will be used to spot giveaway signs whenever any digital activity or transactions would follow patterns that indicate nefarious activity. It would be used to raise alarms before sensitive data is compromised or defenses are breached. In addition, the invention of super-fast wireless communication technology will provide opportunities for businesses to provide services in innovative ways that would potentially open us to more sophisticated cyber attacks.

Final Thoughts

The infinite possibilities of AI are beyond our scope of imagination. These biggest AI trends for 2020 will bring revolutionary changes. Now, it is totally in the hands of organizations whether they want to use successful and sustainable digitization powered by AI or want to remain stagnant because of the fear of change.