A Trek to Remember: McLeod Ganj and Triyund Diaries

‘It is necessary to remind yourself what it’s like to feel alive’. Scroll down to be a part of a trek to remember.

Do you want a short escape from your mundane life? Well, if yes, then definitely my travel experience will become your inspiration. The panoramic views from the top, snow-capped mountains, Oak trees down the lanes will rejuvenate you. Apart from the scenic beauty, the toothsome food varieties will make your trip a trek to remember. The aroma of momos, maggie, and thupka is surely going to mesmerize your senses. 

I think every office goer once in a lifetime has planned a short trip with the office friends for the long weekend. Its just kind of a break to free yourself from the chains of pressure, work, career, and family drama. I planned the same to take a break from my boring life, starting from leaving for office at 8 am and entering back to my place at 8 pm. 

A Trek to Remember

A Trek to Remember: Wonderful Journey of 3 Days

October 2019, a month to be marked. This was the month I planned my first trek to Triyund, a trek to remember the beauty of Himachal. Just sitting while staring at the computer screen, I realized that I so much needed a break to recollect myself. That’s when one of my colleagues suggested exploring the beauty of Mcleodganj. Two more friends of mine were ready to explore this adventurous and beautiful place. The bookings were almost done at the same time, thanks to the fast technology. No, this time we did not book a hotel, instead, we choose a hostel for a different experience. Meeting like-minded people, listening to their life stories, playing games together is an amazing feeling. So, all done in just the next 2 hours and we were ready to rejuvenate ourselves.

4th October 2019, All set to leave Delhi. We took our bus from Majnu ka tila and the overnight journey was a thrill for us. My trip started with some random selfies with #travel #feelingloved #readytoexplore #bestfriendsforever and many more. Once we took our seats, the pandora of our gossips opened. The first stop of our destination was ‘Haveli’, a one-stop on Delhi highway for all the food lovers. 

5th October 2019: It is rightly said, that journeys are more beautiful than destinations. As we were close to the destination, what perplexed us, in reality, was the journey. Just one word ‘Mesmerized’. The bright milky clouds hiding the mountains, white water splashing down the river, windy cool air, the melodious humming of birds, and the endless roads. It was just a perfect morning. Soon we reached Dharamshala, located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a mystic land surrounded by cedar forest. The favorable climate and serene beauty make it one of the most mesmerizing tourist attractions. From Dharamshala, we took a bus to McLeod Ganj, a hill station popular among trekkers. Nestled at an altitude of 1700 meters, it is a blend of natural beauty and spiritual vibes. The enchanting monasteries, quaint streets, Tibetian culture, and some of the best cafes make this land a popular tourist attraction. 

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A Trek to Remember

Since our major purpose of the trip was trekking to Triund, so we only covered some places in McLeod Ganj. 5th October 2019, at 10 am, we were all set to leave for the Bhagsunath Temple and Bhagsu falls. This temple was amidst the lush greenery and splashy freshwater springs. Bhagsu falls is a short trek in itself. It is approximately a 20-meter tall waterfall surrounded with spectacular rock formations and magnificent cliffs. Soaking your feet in the chilling cold water and looking at the panoramic views from the top makes you feel that every effort to reach here was worth it. We then went to Shiva Cafe, a place that you cannot afford to miss. The crisp air, lush green mountains, and the soothing sound of waterfalls took away all the tiredness. Here, music is played all day long and you can actually imagine yourself in a hippie era. The wall of the cafe is adorned with Bob Marley posters and psychedelic artworks. Shiva Cafe serves authentic Tibetan cuisine along with a plethora of other munchies. 

Food at Shiva Cafe

While coming back to our hostel late evening, we explored the nearby market. From exquisite wooden carvings to Thangka tapestry paintings, you will everything in the local market. In short, it is a perfect spot for hagglers. Decorative knickknacks, stones, jewelry, colorful bags, exquisite clothes, and awesome handicrafts, you can buy as many things as you want. Additionally, Incense sticks, aromatic oils, candles, prayer flags, precious gemstones, Tibetan artifacts, small prayer wheels, and more make the market look interesting and worth exploring.


6th October 2019: We started the trek around 10 am. A distance of 9 km was to be covered. The gradual slopes, rocky route, and the changing weather made up the trek a bit difficult. It took us around 7 to 8 hours to reach the top. You can carry your snacks and water bottles along the way. The snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges, gazing of flora and fauna, and a glimpse of the sunset will bring you close to nature. The closer look of the rejuvenating sights of the Himalayas will make you feel more engaged with life. On reaching the top, you will see gleaming sunrise from the hills and you will be able to feel the exhilarating energy inside you. 

A Trek to Remember

We trekked down the same day and it took us about 2 to 3 hours to reach the camp. There was music, bonfire, and delectable food arranged by the organizers. The weather changes drastically so make sure you carry some warm clothes with you. 


7th October 2019: We came back to McLeod Ganj, wandered around the streets to explore more of the Tibetian culture, and ate some palatable delicacies before we left for Delhi. 


Final Thoughts

The jaw-dropping views of the lofty Dhauladhar range and mesmerizing Kangra valley will make this a trek to remember. So, if you are planning to go on vacation post quarantine, consider this beautiful place to experience the vibrant Tibetan culture. The natural beauty, delectable food, and gossiping with friends will revitalize your senses.